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From a young age , it has been my passion to create images , be it a photograph,painting or a drawing. I was always interested in fine art paintings, especially the Renaissance paintings and sculptures. It amazed me how such magnificent pictures were created, as if like a photograph captured in a giant studio set conveying a theme or a story with attention given to every minute detail. This influenced me a lot to develop interest in fashion and portrait photography , where such dramatic and vibrant images are made. The creative process and  planning of shoot always thrills me, and is a great feeling to visualize an image and work with different artists to bring a beautiful photograph to life.


            This interest in photography drove me to learn it in depth, which landed me in Light and Life Academy, where a whole new world of possibilities of photography was opened to me. I  was able to build up a solid foundation in photography specializing in Fashion, Portrait and Product photography

About me

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